What is Invisacook?

- Install the future in your kitchen today with Invisacook -

What is Invisacook? - Invisible induction hob The invisible induction hob, which is installed directly under the 1.2 cm thick plates, enables modern kitchens to be designed to save space, since the entire work surface is available without earmarking.

With Invisacook it is also possible to cook faster than with conventional systems and to optimize energy consumption.

The video shows how space-saving the multifunctional use of the plate can be and how it can be converted as a table for the home office, then again as a hob or as a kitchen worktop, etc., as required.

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Size Options – Available from two to five cooking zones

- In these sizes, the induction hob can be integrated into the worktop -

How does the Invisacook invisible induction hob work?

Cooking directly on the worktop is possible thanks to Invisacook's integrated induction. A new induction technology that conducts heat through the ceramic material of the worktop, creating invisible induction.
The control panel of the invisible induction hob can be installed either in the drawer underneath or on the worktop.

What advantages does Invisacook offer?

- The advantages of the invisible induction hob include -


By fully integrating it with the material of the worktop, we obtain a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.


The invisible induction hob offers additional space, so you can work in this area of the hob without any problems.


The device does not emit direct heat, which makes it safe to use in different places and situations.


Modern technology offers better efficiency than traditional hobs in terms of speed and energy savings.

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